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Materials & Norms


GFRP – Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, popularly known as fiberglass, is a material composed of the agglomeration of highly flexible glass filaments with a matrix of resins: Vinylester, Bisphenolics, Isphalic and Orthophthalic.

This material is characterized by its high resistance to traction, flexion, impact, highly aggressive fluids and time.

It is not conductive of electric current and allows the molding of complex parts with great functional and aesthetic value.


Thermoplastic is an artificial polymer which, at a certain temperature, can be shaped and molded. Before reaching the melting point it goes through a glass transition giving rise to thermoplastic materials such as: PVC, PVC-C, PP, PE, PVDF, PPFV (Polypropylene + fiberglass), etc.

This synthetic polymer has properties that allow it to be easily refurbished and again solidified into a new structure and is therefore recyclable.

Single Laminate
Dual Laminate
GRP Lining
Concrete and steel Termoplastics linings


We present the standards applicable to the products and services that we propose to our customers.

The strict compliance of these standards guarantees the quality and safety of our work.

  • AWWA C-950-95
  • BS 4994
  • EN 53323
  • EN 1046
  • EN 14364

  • NF-EN 12573 – 4
  • TUV
  • OSHA
  • BV
  • DIN

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